Senior Living or In-Home Care?

Is it time to consider senior living for your loved one? Or should they stay at home with in-home care?  These questions are on many people’s minds. You’re definitely not alone. There are many considerations. surveyed more than 1,500 members here at, as well as professional advisors to learn the latest thinking on what to look for and how to weigh your many options. We compiled the results in the guide: “Senior Living or In-home Care? Helping Your Family Choose the Right Option”. The decision is a personal one, and even knowing what questions to ask as you consider your options can be very helpful.

What’s in the Guide?

First, we compiled the leading decision criteria in seven areas:

  • Location
  • Facilities & Structure
  • Care, Community Engagement
  • Services & Programs
  • Staffing
  • General Livability
  • Price

Then, we surveyed more than 100 professional advisors on trends regarding the above criteria: “Has the importance of these criteria changed for your clients over the last 10 years? How do you see it changing over the next 10 years?”

We also include:

  • Cost Comparison
  • Benefits Comparison

Ultimately, we found the two options—Senior Living and In-Home Care-- are not mutually exclusive. People frequently do both.

  1. Staying at home as long as possible and using in-home care
  2. Moving to assisted living with known care staff to ease the transition, and choosing a facility that offers assisted and memory care

To access the “Senior Living or In-home Care?” Guide, we ask that you first provide your name, email, mobile phone number and ZIP code. Your name will only be shared with a Care Manager at our in-home elder care partner Mature Caregivers. He or she will follow up, via email, to see if you would like to learn more about your senior living and in-home care options.  If you have any questions, contact Mature Caregivers.

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