How do your community ratings work?

Community ratings are centered on a town or city’s attractiveness to age 50+ individuals, including data on (i) general livability, (ii) access to education, employment, housing, and transportation, and (iii) community engagement. User submitted ratings like yours are weighted 50 percent, while third-party research including The Milken Institute’s is weighted 50 percent.

I am exploring a possible new place to live in my later years. Can you help me?

Yes. We help you research and assess places to live in your later years, and we put a human face on them. What are they really like? You’ll find out because people on the ground in these places have weighed in. So, we enable you to dig deeper than the generally available data.

I urgently need a place to live that meets my needs! Can you help me?

Yes. We recommend that you begin by reading town and city pages and connecting with options such as independent living and assisted living communities. 

I am staying put (i.e., aging in place/community) and want services I can trust that will make life easier. Can you help me?

Yes. reviews can be sorted by those voted most helpful. Your fellow users are adding their two cents about how certain aging services solutions measure up on various criteria such as trustworthiness, convenience, and value.

There are no reviews in the town I am researching. What should I do?

Our team of reporters is actively collecting reviews. Currently, you will find the greatest concentration of reviews in the U.S. northeast corridor. In time, we will have reviews for all U.S. towns and selected international cities. Add your review today and help us help others like you.

How do your health ratings work?

Health facility star ratings are sourced in two ways:  1) we collect government quality ratings information from, a federal government website managed and paid for by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services based in Baltimore, MD., and   2) we collect ratings about specific health facilities from members, visitor and partner sites.  

Can I speak to an actual human being?

Yes!  Please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can schedule a time to take your call.

I need a job. Can you help me?

One place to start your job search is by learning about the Certified Age Friendly Employer program. Managed by our parent, The Age-Friendly Institute, the Certified Age Friendly Employer Program recognizes employers based on their proficiency, qualifications and contribution, Maintains policies, practices and programs supporting people age 50 and older, Wants age 50+ candidates to know they are valued for their knowledge, maturity, reliability and productivity, and Commits to providing meaningful employment, development opportunities and competitive pay and benefits for employees 50+. 

I need in-home care. Can you help me?

Yes, we offer access to a variety of vetted solutions selected and published in our ‘Care’ section. Among these options, you may access our sister business, Mature Caregivers, or our preferred national provider, Home Instead Senior Care.

There are so many new technologies for helping older adults. Which ones really work?

Our writers and bloggers are constantly evaluating the best offerings out there. Sign up for and stay tuned to our newsletters so we can keep you updated on ways to use technology to make aging easier, safer and more satisfying.

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