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My Siblings and I Can't Agree on Senior Care for Our Mom
In an emotionally charged topic like how to care for an aging parent, how can you and your siblings get to the best solution?
Is Your City "Caregiving-Friendly"?
When you think of a city being age-friendly, it’s usually in terms of ample parks and gathering spaces, wide sidewalks and what is known as pedestrian-friendly “walkability,” affordable housing, and, of course, good transportation. But you might not consider how these features and others can impact caregivers — and caregiving.

What is Age-Friendly Health Care?

Age-Friendly care is health care that addresses your unique needs and wants. It can help you enjoy a better quality of life.

It is care that is safe and based on what research shows are the most important things to pay attention to as we get older — the 4Ms: what Matters, Medication, Mentation and Mobility.

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Senior Living or In-Home Care?

Is it time to consider senior living for your loved one? Or should they stay at home with in-home care? We compiled the resources in the guide: “Senior Living or In-home care? Helping your Family Choose the Right Option”.

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