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Privacy Policy

Age Friendly Advisor is committed to maintaining your trust and we want you to understand when and with whom we may share information we collect about you.

RetirementJobs.com may share your information with Certified Age Friendly Service Providers. Certified Age Friendly Service Providers are third parties we have vetted which make available opportunities, discounts, products or services. Some of the Certified providers pay a fee for access to our membership list. These fees are used for the general purposes of Age Friendly Advisor.

Providers are required to keep Age Friendly Advisor member information confidential, and to use the information only to offer jobs, or the contracted products or services to Age Friendly Advisor and Age Friendly Advisor members. Some of our Certified Age Friendly service providers may also collect data about our members through their interactions with the members. The providers may share some or all of this data with Age Friendly Advisor so that we may make available more effective and personalized service to our members.

Age Friendly Advisor may share aggregated information about the use of this site to companies with which Age Friendly Advisor has business relationships. This usage information, such as numbers and frequency of visits, is used to attract appropriate advertisers to various areas of the site. Age Friendly Advisor provides this data so that advertisers and other businesses can better understand how people use partners’ content and the RetirementJobs.com site, with the goal of providing the best possible Web experience.