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About Us

Age Friendly Advisor is a crowd-sourced set of answers to the question: how do we make aging easier? Many older adults are unaware of resources available to help them stay socially engaged. Age Friendly Advisor simplifies finding age friendly places and services for three purposes: everyday living, working and volunteering, and caregiving. The living section provides a way for older adults to connect with resources, engage with each other, and communicate with their city or town. The working and volunteering section connects you to a list of age friendly employers, including customer/employee reviews and job postings. The caregiving section supports people who want to age in place and stay connected to their communities. Age Friendly Advisor has ratings that reflect how well cities and towns are supporting their citizens and steps they are taking to improve. Since 2006, our team at Age Friendly Ventures, Inc. has helped older adults find age friendly places to work, through RetirementJobs.com, and in-home care, through Mature Caregivers. Age Friendly Advisor is building on this experience.

The underlying heat map shows states where Age Friendly Advisor’s 1,000’s of individual ratings and reviews are concentrated. Reviews have been collected since 2018. Is your community age friendly? Add your review today!

Join the Crowd!

Your ideas matter. You have a role to play in making aging easier, along with people from government, the private sector, volunteer organizations, service providers, academic organizations and others in the general public. Age Friendly Advisor, you can rate and review communities and employers you know. This will let your peers learn if they are, in your opinion, age friendly. It simultaneously informs towns and employers about what the age friendly movement is all about.

What does Age Friendly Mean?

When Age Friendly Ventures coined the ‘age friendly’ term in 2006, it was for the purpose of launching a program to vet employers welcoming to age 50+ job seekers: the widely-recognized (by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging and AARP) Certified Age Friendly Employer program. The term is now also applied to towns and cities, using eight criteria originated by the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO): Outdoor spaces and building, Transportation, Housing, Social participation, Civic participation and employment, Communication and information, Community and health services, and Respect and social inclusion. The WHO now has designated 700 cities worldwide as age friendly. The Milken Institute’s Best Cities for Successful Aging index identifies age friendly metropolitan areas through measurable data and comparable criteria.

Free to Site Visitors

Age Friendly Advisor is completely free for users. Advertisers pay Age Friendly Advisor to deliver messages about topics such as financial services, living, health and work.

How We Intend to Make a Difference

For every one person who has landed in an age friendly community, found a fulfilling retirement job or discovered a successful way to age in place, there are several others who, despite their best efforts, have not found an easy way to connect. We aim to ease the way, providing opportunity, inspiration, community and counsel on these subjects to older adults and their families.

Our Corporate Advisory Board

The Age Friendly Ventures Corporate Advisory Board provides ongoing business direction as the Company expands its product offerings. The Advisory Board is comprised of thought leaders from the media, human capital, business and academic communities.

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