About Us

AgeFriendly.com is an initiative of the Age-Friendly Institute.  We provide trusted content about the aging journey, help validate and elevate all things age friendly, and invite older adults and caregivers to share reviews and ratings about programs, businesses, health care providers and other services where they live, work and thrive. 

There is a ratings and reviews page on AgeFriendly.com for every town in the U.S., every hospital, nursing home and home health service. In addition, we enable you to rate, review and research thousands of employers as to whether they're age-friendly and therefore welcoming to employees age 50+. 

We Use Ratings and Reviews to Listen to Older Adults

Experts have used the term “age-friendly” since 2005 to describe and assess successful approaches to improving quality outcomes for older adults in workplaces, cities/communities, health care and education settings. Providers around the globe are innovating and creating “age-friendly” best practices to better serve fast growing populations of older adults. Consumers too are recognizing and adopting this term, fueled by consumer-facing media in the U.S. that has used the term over 300,000 times in just the last two years. Google Trends shows a steady increase in worldwide adoption and search activity on the term year over year. The term and concept “age-friendly” is recognized and here to stay. A missing link in this burgeoning age-friendly ecosystem has been a feedback loop: the ability for providers to collect consumer feedback at scale and use it to guide the creation of better programs and services that truly live up to the promise of “age-friendly.” User-generated rating and reviews sites exist in many categories (like travel) to promote authenticity, create trust and drive purchasing decisions. A comparable site that elevates and connects age-friendly providers with older adults had not existed.

AgeFriendly.com addresses this gap. One can imagine an expert-vetting system combined with a crowd-sourced reviews platform where the focus is on all things age-friendly and the goal is to empower older adults and their caregivers to source and demand age-friendly recognized communities, sites of care, employment and other services where they live, work and thrive. At AgeFriendly.com, older adults (more digitally connected than ever) and their caregivers contribute to and consume reviews and ratings, building community and transparency in the process. Using a net promoter score methodology, tens of thousands of ratings have been collected to date on towns & communities, hospitals, nursing homes and employers across the U.S. AgeFriendly.com is a data-driven technology platform that fully harnesses the internet to 1) aggregate, curate and elevate all things “age-friendly,” 2) create a consumer feedback loop that can inform continuous improvement from communities, sites of care, employers and other service providers and 3) empower older adults in their aging journey.

What Does Age-Friendly Mean?

“Age-Friendly” describes environments that promote access to options, services and opportunities for people as they age, and that promote the inclusion and participation of older adults in all aspects of life. There is a shared language to describe the age-friendly ecosystem. The term is now formally applied in the following sectors: Public Health Systems (5Cs), Health Systems (4Ms), Cities and Communities (8 Domains), Employers (12 Best Practices) and Universities (10 Principles).

Free to Site Visitors

AgeFriendly.com is free for users. We receive grants to fund our work. Advertisers pay AgeFriendly.com to deliver messages about topics such as financial services, living, health and work. Users may also elect to upgrade to a Premium Membership, which entitles them to access a suite of Verified Member Benefits.

We Are Making a Difference - Join Us!

For every one person who has landed in an age-friendly community, found a fulfilling retirement job or discovered a successful way to age in place, there are several others who, despite their best efforts, have not found an easy way to connect. We aim to ease the way, providing opportunity, inspiration, community and counsel on these subjects to older adults and their families.


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