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Deciding Where to Live and How to Get Support
Seniors have a variety of choices about where to live. They include living any place and a variety of special communities for seniors. Where you live determines access to family, friends and at times a variety of support services.
10 Signs of Mental Decline
Changes in mental health for a spouse or loved one are often gradual. Don't let a diagnosis take you by surprise—use this list of 10 easy-to-check items to give yourself a reference point about whether you may need to seek additional help.

What is Age-Friendly Health Care?

Age-Friendly care is health care that addresses your unique needs and wants. It can help you enjoy a better quality of life.

It is care that is safe and based on what research shows are the most important things to pay attention to as we get older — the 4Ms: what Matters, Medication, Mentation and Mobility.

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Senior Living or In-Home Care?

Is it time to consider senior living for your loved one? Or should they stay at home with in-home care? We compiled the resources in the guide: “Senior Living or In-home care? Helping your Family Choose the Right Option”.

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