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Are You A Boss Looking to Fill Vacancies? Earning an "age-friendly" seal of approval could help

Colorado businesses committed to rooting out ageism in the workplace will be able to earn an “age-friendly” seal of approval under a new program managed by a nonprofit that is working to change perceptions about older adults.


Landing jobs, finding care: New site hopes to help boomers navigate post-retirement life

In Copley Square, Age Friendly Ventures founder Tim Driver (left) interviewed people age 50 and over to record their views of the age-friendliness of their city or neighborhood.


New crowdsourcing site aims to help older adults decide where to retire

A new website aims to help older adults determine where to live in retirement through user-contributed reviews and other content, and it has the backing of a major senior living operator and other companies., at, has been launched by Waltham, MA-based Age Friendly Ventures. The company already operates job site and Massachusetts elder care agency Mature Caregivers. The new site features crowdsourced reviews for cities across the United States, plus London.


Are You Looking for an Age-Friendly Place to Live?

Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to retire to somewhere other than where you now reside? Would it be helpful to learn what it’s like to live that town or city from actual residents? Well, that’s the idea behind


1 in 3 Retirees Would Rather Live Elsewhere

Retirees are typically faced with a world of decisions that make kicking off their golden years somewhat stressful.


Planting or Pulling Up Stakes

Where your clients retire may be as important as when and how they retire.

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