Our experienced team manages a trusted brand and uses world class technology in order to provide the following range products and services—all focused around communicating with people age 50+. Whether you are (i) seeking solutions for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, (ii) a community leader, (iii) an advocacy or research group, or (iv) an organization seeking to target its message to the millions online who are age fifty and over, we invite you to learn more about what we do. We work hard to make our customers pleased with our performance.

Our Value Proposition

Older adults and their Families and Loved Ones connect with welcoming communities and identify events and resources to help them stay engaged by allowing them to

  • View and post pictures of community events
  • Check the calendar of activities and learn about transportation options
  • View, post and ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ others’ comments about the strengths and weaknesses of neighborhoods, towns, and cities
  • Review star ratings sourced equally from users and third-party research (ratings are centered on a community’s attractiveness to age 50+ individuals, including data on (i) general livability, (ii) access to education, employment, housing, and transportation, and (iii) community engagement)
  • Meet others with similar interests and hobbies offline and online via meetups, videos and live- streamed events
  • Read articles and blogs

Community leaders learn and respond directly to comments and reviews by older residents.

AgeFriendly.com helps leaders

  • Communicate with older residents
  • Manage their community’s page, including messaging and pictures
  • Encourage activity to help older adults stay engaged
  • Publicize programs and long-term plans for making their town age friendly
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their citizen’s needs
  • Learn about what other towns are doing

Employers attract employees age 50+
AgeFriendly.com allows them to

  • Apply to be a certified age friendly employer and display their certification
  • Share their job and volunteer opportunities and recruit applicants via RetirementJobs.com

Businesses connect their products to customers.
AgeFriendly.com Brand Studios allows them to

  • Generate referrals and visibility for their business by working with the expert marketing team at AgeFriendly.com
  • Reach millions of potential customers with AgeFriendly.com's unique email and direct mail messages around trusted health and wellness, living and lifestyle, and retirement income solutions
  • Make a positive impression with age 50+ consumers
  • Run older adult research panels and survey initiatives to explore and validate marketing initiatives
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