Senior Living Facilities

Age Friendly Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities are self-contained residences that care recipients move into to maintain proximity to care needs. There are typically 2 reasons recipients move into senior living facilities: 1) care needs become too great to deal with at home because they require specialized equipment or supervision or 2) recipients want proximity and access to care around at all hours of the day.

There are many senior living facilities across the country. We set out to gather information about their philosophies for care, descriptions of their amenities, and their locations. Visit the providers’ section to find out more about the various senior living facilities near you and contact a care manager to determine which may be the right fit for you.

Working With an Agency? Here Are The Questions You Should Ask

Agencies are popular choices for helping clients narrow down the immense array of choices they face, but you should ask key questions to make sure you're getting the right fit, not the most lucrative for them.

Be sure you ask:

  1. How much the agency is paid
  2. How they get paid
  3. Whether the client (you) or the facility is compensating them for placement
  4. Whether or not the agency will only place in facilities where they have contracts
  5. Whether the agency has visited and inspected the facilities they refer clients to, how often they visit, and what were the specific dates of their visits and their findings
  6. Whether the agency will interview a client before placing them
  7. Whether the agency visits facilities with clients
  8. Whether the agency is paid a flat fee or receives a commission
  9. When a potential resident shares information, how quickly does the agency respond?
  10. What their policy is regarding you working with other agencies.

These questions will not only make you more informed, but they'll also help you understand what factors are influencing an agency's decision to place you or a loved one.

Atria Senior Living Facilities
Benchmark Senior Living Facilities
Brookdale Senior Living Facilities
Capital Senior Living Facilities
Elmcroft Senior Living Facilities
Sunrise Senior Living Facilities
Merrill Gardens Senior Living Facilities

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