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Tucson Arizona
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Tucson is a city and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona, United States, and home to the University of Arizona. Tucson is the second-largest populated city in Arizona behind Phoenix, both of which anchor the Arizona Sun Corridor. PCOA serves the community through programs offered directly, and through collaborations with community partners.

  1. IN-HOME SUPPORT: Home Repair & Adaptation, Help at Home, Home-Delivered Meals, Emergency Alert Systems, Neighbors Care Alliance (NCA),

  2.  AGING WELL, Meals & Nutrition, Healthy Living Classes, Transportation, Housing, Be Med Smart, Aging Mastery, Falls Free, OASIS Healthy Habits for Adults

  3. Caregiving: Long-Term Care, Caregiver Support Groups, Caregiver Training, Time Away (Respite), Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, One-on-One Caregiver Consultation

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Quiet family oriented type of community, plenty of stores near by and San Javier Misson walking distance.

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Imma certified caregiver, i love to work with old people, i have working 23 years of caregiver

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Age friendly

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Affordable living comfortably

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Love helping elder people to make there life easier.

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