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Philadelphia Pennsylvania
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Philadelphia, often called Philly, is the largest city in the U.S. state and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the sixth-most populous U.S. city. It can be a very suitable place for older adults to live in for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Healthcare facilities: Philadelphia is home to several renowned hospitals and medical centers, including the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The city has a strong healthcare infrastructure, which is essential for older adults.

  2. Cultural attractions: Philadelphia is rich in history and offers numerous cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries, theaters, and historic sites. This can provide opportunities for leisure, intellectual stimulation, and social engagement.

  3. Walkability and public transportation: The city is known for its walkability and has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, trains, and trolleys. This can make it easier for older adults to get around the city without relying heavily on private vehicles.

  4. The Philadelphia Corporation on Aging has a mission to to improve the quality of life for older Philadelphians and those with disabilities and to assist them in achieving the greatest possible levels of health, independence and productivity. Services Include: protective services, emergency services, and care at home.

  5. Cost of living: The cost of living in Philadelphia can vary depending on the neighborhood. While some areas may be more expensive, there are also affordable options available. It's important to consider housing costs, taxes, and other expenses in relation to personal financial circumstances.

  6. Vibrant city life: Philadelphia offers a vibrant city atmosphere with diverse dining options, shopping districts, and entertainment venues. The city hosts various events, festivals, and cultural celebrations throughout the year, providing opportunities for engagement and exploration.

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Close to my home.

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Thee neighborhood is very beautiful. Very quiet. Is very close to markets, hospitals, schools, and transportation services.

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I live in a good neighborhood

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We could use more police officers and more community development

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Public transport access

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