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Boston Massachusetts
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Boston can be a favorable city for older adults to live in, but the suitability can vary depending on individual preferences and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Healthcare: Boston is renowned for its world-class medical facilities and research institutions. The presence of prestigious hospitals and healthcare services can be advantageous for older adults who prioritize access to quality healthcare.

  • Cultural and Educational Opportunities: Boston is a city rich in history, culture, and educational institutions. Older adults interested in museums, art galleries, historical sites, and lifelong learning opportunities can find a wealth of resources and activities to engage with.

  • Transportation: Boston offers a range of transportation options, including public transit, buses, and subway systems. This can be beneficial for older adults who prefer not to rely on personal vehicles. The city has also made efforts to improve accessibility and accommodate the needs of older adults in terms of transportation.

  • Age-Friendly Initiatives: As mentioned earlier, Boston has been actively working towards becoming an age-friendly city. Through various initiatives, the city aims to address the needs of older adults and enhance their quality of life. These initiatives can contribute to creating an environment that is more conducive to the aging population.

  • Cost of Living: It's important to consider the cost of living in Boston, as it is generally higher compared to many other cities. Housing costs, in particular, can be significant. It's essential to assess how the cost of living aligns with your financial situation and retirement plans.

  • Climate and Weather: Boston experiences four distinct seasons, with cold winters and hot summers. This climate may be a factor to consider, particularly for older adults who have specific weather-related preferences or health considerations.
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    Honestly, the community is more of a hard knocks living situation where a lot of families are just trying to make ends meet which makes the inner family relationships toxic but also stronger in a way, as well as the neighborhoods amongst Dorchester not being 100 percent safe, there is a lot of criminal activity in Dorchester and it's just not the best place to stay if your trying to stay completely out of the way and not be bothered by stuff your not even involved in. The type of stuff that either comes after you or just slows you down on a daily basis or just disrupts energy constantly.

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    Easy access to buses. 15 minute walk to MBTA red line. Supermarkets, Church, restaurants, public library.

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    Great for senior citizens who are looking to retire early

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    T accessibility, Grocery and shopping centers, clincs

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    The accessibility for walking and maneuvering is limited. Most doors do not include push buttons for automatic opening, nor are they wheelchair accessible.

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    The ease of transport, access to services and ability to get to doctors offices and parks nearby or fitness centers.

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    Easy transportation, friendly community, versatile, many opportunities.

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    cost of living

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    It's better to work.

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