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Boston Massachusetts
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Boston can be a favorable city for older adults to live in, but the suitability can vary depending on individual preferences and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Healthcare: Boston is renowned for its world-class medical facilities and research institutions. The presence of prestigious hospitals and healthcare services can be advantageous for older adults who prioritize access to quality healthcare.

  • Cultural and Educational Opportunities: Boston is a city rich in history, culture, and educational institutions. Older adults interested in museums, art galleries, historical sites, and lifelong learning opportunities can find a wealth of resources and activities to engage with.

  • Transportation: Boston offers a range of transportation options, including public transit, buses, and subway systems. This can be beneficial for older adults who prefer not to rely on personal vehicles. The city has also made efforts to improve accessibility and accommodate the needs of older adults in terms of transportation.

  • Age-Friendly Initiatives: As mentioned earlier, Boston has been actively working towards becoming an age-friendly city. Through various initiatives, the city aims to address the needs of older adults and enhance their quality of life. These initiatives can contribute to creating an environment that is more conducive to the aging population.

  • Cost of Living: It's important to consider the cost of living in Boston, as it is generally higher compared to many other cities. Housing costs, in particular, can be significant. It's essential to assess how the cost of living aligns with your financial situation and retirement plans.

  • Climate and Weather: Boston experiences four distinct seasons, with cold winters and hot summers. This climate may be a factor to consider, particularly for older adults who have specific weather-related preferences or health considerations.
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    It's a friendly and pretty neighborhood. Walkable, just watch out for the bricks. In the center storefronts and restaurants are all small, on the outskirts larger. Many small parks. Easy. access to transportation. A number of organizations for older citizens.

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    I'm a outgoing person ready to help or even enlighten the nexted person in need I'm very oriented organized I'm aware of my surrounds well obviousness I know how to adapt to a situation quickly an come up with the best solution in a respectful an calm way for the customer I took care my my grandmother with my mother who is a cna for 5 years would go to the store with her before she couldn't walk would clean the floors wash the walls cook her meals steak potatoes rice fish make breakfast an just spend time with her for my transportation I take Ubers an MBTA I feel like joining the nusring community because I feel the need to do more for the elderly both my grandparents passed an I've had a passion for being a companion every since.

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    Lots of transportation, stores around and you always see people being respectful to each other.

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    I feel this way, because depending on what street you live in, the neighborhood might not be safe.

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    The traffic is bad

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    Boston is a amazing city… it has great hospital care, great schools (great education).

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    Although it's a small area for a major city, it's very age friendly because it offers many things. For older persons mobility tends to be a problem. Driving may be difficult and Boston is not only walkable, they also offer great public transportation. Everything is just a short distance away and will be very accessible for older people. There's different communities for this group to engage in and healthcare aid throughout the city. There's many opportunities for older people in this city and because of this convenience the livability is optimal.

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    To me is a safe environment and a good place to work and live

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    I like take care old people

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    It's a good are for people that older everything is around the corner from each and it's easy access for them and us well it's faster for them to get to it then any where else!

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