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The Key To Happiness in Your 50s and Beyond
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The Key To Happiness in Your 50s and Beyond

The Atlantic recently published an eye-opening perspective piece from Arthur C. Brooks, the current chairman of the American Enterprise Institute and a noted speaker and author.

The article details Brooks' very personal journey into understanding how, why, and when he could expect his career to...well, die. More importantly, though, Brooks begins a research-oriented adventure with the end goal of ensuring he stays happy and sane beyond his professional demise.

We've talked at length and researched in great depth the changing ways that Americans are not necessarily choosing to retire, but being forced into it, as well as some of the larger forces at play that are changing retirement dynamics. Brooks tracks his own career path with a stickier solution: instead of keeping a job, what about keeping his happiness? How could he structure his choices both prior to and in retirement so that he maintains his happiness?

Over the course of this journey, he revisits his past, draws on famous examples, visits a guru, and ends up announcing a huge personal move, but he offers four concrete steps that you can use to help preserve your peace-of-mind in your golden years.

Head over to The Atlantic for the full read and let us know in the comments: Have your golden years been happier than other decades in your life?

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