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The Case AGAINST Early Retirement
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The Case AGAINST Early Retirement

The Wall Street Journal published an article over the weekend that tackled a counter-intuitive problem: that early retirement may actually be detrimental to retirees' health.

We've discussed this before, since work can provide lots of the elements that can lead to a stimulating and fulfilling life, but this article backs up its thesis with evidence from studies showing, among other things, that delaying retirement can reduce mortality for men in their 60's by 32% and that early retirement can accelerate cognitive decline. The thinking here is that, in addition to structure and purpose, work also provides the opportunity to problem-solve and socialize while avoiding vices like excessive sedentary lifestyles and drinking or smoking.

Additionally, retirement can be viewed as having a detrimental effect on the finances of the retiree, since another study shows that every year in the workforce increases a potential retiree's future retirement income by 9%, due presumably to both the growth in retirement assets and the delay of claiming Social Security, resulting in a larger monthly payment.

Head over to the Wall Street Journal for the full piece and to learn more about how early retirement could negatively impact health. Let us know in the comments: would (or has) your retirement affected your health? If so, how?

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I’m 68 yrs of age , still want to work!!! Fill out whole state with my application. Know luck since I was 67.

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