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Making DC Age Friendly: Age-Friendly DC is a coordinated, comprehensive, and collective-action effort whose goal is to ensure that all DC residents are active, connected, healthy, engaged and happy in their environment. The District’s Age-Friendly effort is starting with a focus on adults age 50 and older.

  • In 2018 Mayor Muriel Bowser signed the Age-Friendly DC 2018-2023 Establishment Order setting in motion the second five-year journey.

  • Mayor Bowser appointed a new Age Friendly Task Force.

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A historical community, majorityt of the residents are long term. With a 1st, and 2nd, generation and progression has been slow but, due to inflation. Our 3rd generation has moved on to better surroundings because of this practice.

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It's friendly because caring for the elderly.

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we feeling because at out recreation center. we have multiple activies for the elders.

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Recreational activities

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Kids can go outside and play safely

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