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Quincy is the largest city in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States. It is part of Metropolitan Boston and one of Boston's immediate southern suburbs. The Council on Aging works to provide the elder members of the community with uncompromising services to ensure a high quality of life. Programs and Services include:

  1. Equipment Loan Program: This program will loan used equipment to seniors in need. - i.e. wheel chairs, canes, walkers, crutches. For more information call (617) 376-1521.

  2. SHINE: Service Health Information Needs of Elders. This is a State-funded program that serves over 300 seniors annually. SHINE counselors are trained by the State to answer any inquiries regarding health insurance, depending upon ones particular situation, the counselor can offer non-partisan advice as to which insurance plan is best suited for the individual.

  3. TRIAD: A new program which is sponsored by the Norfolk County Sheriff's office. Seniors sign up for this program, and each day someone calls their house and asks are you o.k., if there is no answer they call back in five minutes, and if there is no answer then, the police is dispatched to check on the senior.

  4. Medical Transportation: Free medical transportation for seniors is provided for City-Wide seniors to medical establishments within the City of Quincy, or all major Boston Hospitals, Milton Hospital, Carney Hospital and Neponset Health Center.


ContactsKennedy Center 

400 East Squantum Street

Quincy, Massachusetts 02171

Phone: (617) 376-1506

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There is a big community of older folks living in Marina Bay

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Provide them education and transportetion give the best care

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While I am in school it can give leverage and accountability to work ethic. My travel can be local or 10-30 miles from where i am living. Which is Quincy MA. I am currently attending school at Quincy college for computer science it may not be relative to the field i attend for college but i can say its useful when it comes to customer relations and support.

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I like to help people

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I like to help people

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