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Member of the World Health Organization Global Network of age-friendly Cities and Communities

Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the 29th-most populous city in the United States. It is one of two cities in Kentucky designated as first-class, the other being the state's second-largest city of Lexington. Louisville is the historical seat and, since 2003, the nominal seat of Jefferson County.

The Office for Aging & Disabled Citizens provides leadership to and participates in community activities, advocating for rights, policies and funding that can enhance the lives and independence of seniors and disabled individuals. The primary ways in which the Office for Aging and Disabled Citizens interacts with the community to maintain age-friendliness are as follows:


  • The office works to ensure efficient and timely access to information and resources by and for aging and disabled citizens.  We do this by providing information on community resources to the community at large.

  • Educate the community on the needs of aging and disabled citizens; serve as a resource for giving information and referrals to individual citizens and provide consultation to community groups on aging and disability issues.

  • Participate in community initiatives to sustain and improve services and funding to aging and disabled citizens.


Contacts701 West Ormsby Avenue, Suite 201

Louisville, KY 40203

(502) 574-4377

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A very caring community


A lot of theft


The point that to choose the caregivers close to the clients age is very logical condition for both of them. Also the professional training will help the CGs be successful in any other career that relating same feiled or type of this job!


Exactly where I live it's older people friendly. Could be a better area for children (only because they're already there.) however, because of the violence that's sparked more since the season change. I genuinely wouldn't recommend.


I am a retired nurse with 35 years of experience. I am a young 70 and can physically do most anything I want. I have years of experience caring for patients of all ages. Compassion, empathy and hands on care have served both me and my patients well over the years.

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How did Kentucky earn the grade of B+? We examined the state taxes based on how age friendly they are. Kentucky has a state sales tax of 6.00%. Of particular interest is that Kentucky does not have taxes on social security. There are no estate taxes. There are taxes imposed on inheritance. Kentucky has an effective property tax rate of 0.85%. Weighing these taxes and other taxes most likely to impact the aging population is how Kentucky earned its state tax grade of B+.