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Henrico is the name used by the U.S. Postal Service for several ZIP code areas in unincorporated parts of Henrico County, Virginia, surrounding the city of Richmond. "Other acceptable cities" listed by the USPS for parts of Henrico are Richmond, Highland Springs, Regency, and Ridge, whereas Millers, Montrose, Montrose Heights, Staples Mill, Tuckahoe, Varina, and Westbury are alternate names for portions of Henrico that are not recommended for use in mailing addresses. Henrico is identified in the National Register of Historic Places's NRIS database as being the location of, or nearest community to, the Curles Neck Farm.

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The Henrico community of Richmond provides many activities for seniors as well as opportunities for enrichment to a person's life. It is an affordable community for the elderly as well as younger adults, there are job opportunities and medical facilities are close by. The community is a safe place to live.
We are in the Southern part of Virginia. People are raised to respect their elders and each other.
Well it's a high rise next door to where I live..
The Medical Community is DISCRIMINATORY against SENIORS. If you don't have HIGH END Health Insurance, you GET CUT-RATE CARE. These doctors will NOT OPERATE for MEDICARE RATES. I need three surgeries, and they have repeatedly LIED TO ME, in order to AVOID SURGERY. I have an ADVANTAGE PLAN, and this has been a HUGE PROBLEM from DAY 1. EVERY doctor I have been to, has repeatedly ADMONISHED ME for having this ADVANTAGE PLAN, as my Health Insurance. People have what they CAN AFFORD, and should NEVER be ADMONISHED, NOR DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, b/c of their HEALTH INSURANCE. THIS IS CRUEL and INHUMANE.

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How did Virginia earn the grade of B? We examined the state taxes based on how age friendly they are. Virginia has a state sales tax of 5.30%. Of particular interest is that Virginia does not have taxes on social security. There are no estate taxes. There are no taxes imposed on inheritance. Virginia has an effective property tax rate of 0.79%. Weighing these taxes and other taxes most likely to impact the aging population is how Virginia earned its state tax grade of B.

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