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Boston Children's Hospital

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Children's Hospital

Boston, MA
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Many years ago our daughter had a unique problem with her heart (born Aug 1981) ... identified at 3 days old. We were referred to MGH and our doctor (Dr David Gordon) was leaving after a year and recommend a Dr Keene at Children's Hospital. Were told she may make it to age 5, but she definately needed surgery. However, MGH and Children's doctors confirmed there was no surgery available for a small child relative to aorta heart valves. Fast forward to age 3 ... day after her 3rd birthday and she was admitted for surgery!!! Dr Casenada (sp?) developed a new stitch technique for aorta valve prolapse and performed it on a 10 year old boy first, and then an 8 year old boy. It was then performed on our 3 year old girl (@ 23 Apr, 1984). We were told she would need multiple surgeries as she grew. She is now 40...will be 41 next month. "Knock on wood" --- still living with 1st surgery!!!! A nurse friend of ours suspects that as she was so young ... the "repaired" aorta valves with the "new stitch technique" grew with her. YEP....10 STARS ....Dr John Keene and Dr Castenada (sp?). Of course 10 stars to her 1st doctor, Dr Gordon, for recommending Dr Keene for her continued care after he left (he went to Chicago Children's Hospital)! She stopped seeing Dr Keene early 2000 as she setteled in NC and he recommended Duke University. She still sees same doctor at Duke!

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