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Will AI and Robots Force You To Retire?
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Will AI and Robots Force You To Retire?

Forbes has a perspective piece on the future of employment and automation that includes some jarring stats: “up to 47% of US workers have a high probability of seeing their jobs automated over the next 20 years.” Yikes!

Whether this is classic Chicken Little or actually a harbinger of things to come will really take some time to figure out. As the article rightly points out, employment stayed high after each of the previous 3 industrial revolutions (3!?), but the unease has more to do with the lack of real wage growth over the last 30 years than the fact that we’ll have no need for humans in the future.

In fact, as cited by the piece, Ken Goldberg, a Professor of Robotics at UC Berkley, sees a greater increase in jobs that join human and robot to solve problems together, called multiplicity.

Head over to Forbes to read the full write-up and let us know in the comments: are you worried a robot will take your job in the future?

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I am 65 with 8 stints, it's Russian roulette every day I wake up. So I 'm thinking the chances are pretty near non-existent that I will lose my job. I would suggest education in robotics for everyone else!

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