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The Latest Craze In Senior Living Is...Tiny Homes?
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The Latest Craze In Senior Living Is...Tiny Homes?

Photo courtesy of Dan David Cook [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

According to My Modern Met, more and more seniors are choosing to shed the homes and communities where they raised families and striking off for the open road and adventure of owning a tiny home.

Not familiar with the tiny home movement? Well, in short (sorry, sorry), according to TheTinyLife, a tiny home is a portable or fixed dwelling whose primary defining feature is its size—or lack thereof. From 100-400 sq. feet, tiny homes offer smaller ecological footprints, portability, novelty, but most of all, lower ownership costs. Almost 70% of tiny home-owners have no mortgage, compared to 30% of all US homeowners.

Which makes sense as to why smaller would be a popular choice for seniors. If you are currently nursing an empty nest, why pay for all that space you’re not using?

Tiny homes may not have “tipped” into mainstream yet, but roughly 40% of tiny home-owners are over 50, showing that they are attracting some attention from the silver-haired audience.

Go check-out the write-up on My Modern Met to see the entrancing photos of tiny living and let us know in the comments: Would you ever live in a tiny home?

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Comments (3)

I'm 63 and hubby just built me a large gourmet style kitchen. I would feel terribly claustrophobic living in a tiny house. It would almost feel like to me living in a doghouse. Lol To each their own I guess.


I would love one, thank you.


Clearly this is a great idea! I wouldn't care about it being mobile but after downsizing this makes sense. You still have your freedom and a cute place to live in!

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