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Want To Make Aging Easier In Your Community? Here’s How.
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Want To Make Aging Easier In Your Community? Here’s How.

How do we make aging easier? Age Friendly Berkshires has long been committed to spreading age friendly values and resources.

With support from sponsors and the people of Berkshire County in Massachusetts, father-daughter duo Roger Gutwillig and Diane Pearlman created a film featuring Age Friendly Berkshires, a movement dedicated to building a livable community for people of all ages.

The video highlights three efforts made by Age Friendly Berkshires that emphasize the importance of intergenerational connections, community involvement, open conversations, and the initiative:

Glenda Matos-Carter, the program coordinator for the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, leads community outreach and leadership training for residents of all ages. The program empowers leaders to connect residents with local resources and information on how to remain active and engaged within their community.

After the tragic death of a pedestrian, many older adults were worried about their safety walking the streets of Berkshire County. In response, Emergency Management of Fairview Hospital started providing reflective vests for pedestrians of all ages. The new vests promote healthy living and a walkable environment. 

Berkshire Pulse, a dance school in Great Barrington, uses music to express the relationship between generations. One program paired the written work of older adults with the choreography of teenage dancers to foster intergenerational contact.

Age friendly communities improve the lives of everyone. 

Head over to iBerkshires to check out the full piece written by Andy McKeever covering the many actions Age Friendly Berkshires are implementing to build an age friendly community.

Let us know below: Why do you think age friendly communities are important? What age friendly programs do you wish you had access to in your community?

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