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How To Help Your Local Older Adults During Coronavirus
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How To Help Your Local Older Adults During Coronavirus

Updated: March 17, 2020

In this time of crisis, you may want to help those most vulnerable such as adults age 65+. We are assisting national authorities in identifying people willing to help their neighbors—both on a volunteer and paid basis.

For volunteering, we encourage you to contact your local housing authority. They may need assistance for bringing in food to their older residents. If you have a local food pantry, they might need assistance with the transportation of goods. Your senior center or council on aging would welcome you reaching out.

Two things you can do to help:

  1. Share Ideas and Observations on ways to help your neighbors: Have you seen an act of kindness or useful action to help people in your neighborhood? Post a comment on your neighborhood’s page on agefriendly.com. We are creating crowd-sourced lists of the most helpful actions—small and large—being taken by leaders and "average citizens" in towns across the United States.
  2. Click here to become a Mature Caregiver:  These are paid positions to provide non-medical assistance to older adults through Mature Caregivers. During the pandemic, Mature Caregivers wants to know if you are willing to volunteer your help for older adults who are unable to afford services. There is a check box on the application for you to communicate this.
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Comments (3)

I watched my wife drop dead 3 years ago. What can my children or neighbors or the virus do to me that's worse??????


I have a number of aging living within a stone's throw of me. I take an opportunity to speak to those that I see sitting on their front terrace or anywhere in the vicinity of my speaking voice, while I'm taking my daily walk. I find the less talk about the virus , the better. Most have far too much time on their hands and use that time to listen to news reports on the radio or TV. I can think of a myriad of subjects that are less inflaming and more optimistic than the virus. Many are feeling isolated because they are. Family members have ceased visiting, in the event they could be a carrier of the virus. Although communication continues, seniors don't always appreciate hearing from their loved ones as much as the reality of face to face.


As an older person in the 70’s range, I appreciate that this organization is concerned about folks like us. True, most of us, when we were yet younger and stronger, gave our utmost strength, wisdom and resources to enhance the world around us. CONGRATULATIONS ! GOD BLESS US ALL! 🙏💕😇🤙🌅🎶👏🥰

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