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Socially-Distanced Grocery Shopping and Delivery to Older Adults
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Socially-Distanced Grocery Shopping and Delivery to Older Adults

Mature Caregivers, an in-home elder care service, is offering socially-distanced Grocery Shopping/Delivery and Errand Services.  

How It Works: You provide a grocery & errand list.  We shop, deliver to your doorstep.  Pre-payment via credit card.

When:  Once per week. 

Who: Mature Caregivers.  Phone: 888-320-6700.  Website: maturecaregivers.com.  

Where: Massachusetts and Greater New York City.

Terms: 6 hour minimum commitment per week (4 week minimum).  Hourly pricing varies by market.  Ask about financial support for income-eligible older adults made possible by The Age Friendly Foundation.

Mature Caregivers is a division of Age Friendly Ventures, Inc.

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I live in New Bedford, MA. Where and how can I get information on COVID-19?


Great idea. I started this for my uncle tomorrow.

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