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Blue pins denote World Health Organization and AARP-designated age friendly communities. Red pins denote cities whose mayors have signed The Mayor’s Pledge, a Milken Institute initiative where mayors commit to making their cities work better for older adults. The underlying heat map shows states where Age Friendly Advisor’s 1,000’s of individual ratings and reviews are concentrated. Reviews have been collected since 2018. Is your community age friendly? Add your review today!

Age Friendly Advisor is a crowd-sourced set of answers to the question: how do we make aging easier? Many older adults are unaware of resources available to help them stay socially engaged. Age Friendly Advisor simplifies finding age friendly places and services for three purposes: everyday living, working and volunteering, and caregiving. The living section provides a way for older adults to connect with resources, engage with each other, and communicate with their city or town. The working and volunteering section connects you to a list of age friendly employers, including customer/employee reviews and job postings. The caregiving section supports people who want to age in place and stay connected to their communities.