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Laramie is a city and the county seat of Albany County, Wyoming, United States.

The population was 30,816 at the 2010 census. Located on the Laramie River in southeastern Wyoming, the city is west of Cheyenne, at the junction of Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 287. Laramie was settled in the mid-19th century along the Union Pacific Railroad line, which crosses the Laramie River at Laramie. It is home to the University of Wyoming, Wyoming Technical Institute, and a branch of Laramie County Community College. Laramie Regional Airport serves Laramie.

The ruins of Fort Sanders, an army fort predating Laramie, lie just south of the city along Route 287. Located in the Laramie Valley between the Snowy Range and the Laramie Range, the city draws outdoor enthusiasts with its abundance of outdoor activities. In 2011, Laramie was named as one of the best cities in which to retire by Money Magazine, which cited its scenic location, low taxes, and educational opportunities.

Geography and climate

Laramie is located at 41°18′47″N 105°35′14″W (41.312927, −105.587251). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 17.76 square miles (46.00 km2), of which 17.74 square miles (45.95 km2) is land and 0.02 square miles (0.05 km2) is water.

Laramie is on a high plain between two mountain ranges, the Snowy Range, about 30 miles (48 km) to the west, and the Laramie Range, 7 miles (11 km) to the east. The city's elevation above sea level is about 7,165 feet (2,184 m). The Laramie River runs through Laramie toward its confluence with the North Platte River east of the Laramie Range.

The city is about 50 miles (80 km) west of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and 130 miles (209 km) north of Denver, Colorado. Laramie lies along U.S. Route 30, Interstate 80, and U.S. Route 287, and it remains an important junction on the Union Pacific Railroad line.

Laramie's total precipitation averages about 11 inches (279 mm) a year, and the average number of rainy days per year is about 86. The city experiences a day that is 90 °F (32 °C) or warmer 2.2 times a year. The average temperature in December is 21.1 °F (−6.1 °C), and in July it is 64.0 °F (17.8 °C). Annual snowfall averages 48 inches (122 cm). Because of the high elevation, winters are long, and summers are short and relatively cool. The growing season is short, as the average window for freezing temperatures is September 14 through June 6, while for accumulating (≥0.1 inches or 0.25 centimetres) it is October 5 through May 12.

Laramie has a semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification BSk) with long, cold, dry winters and short, warm, somewhat wetter summers.


SkyWest Airlines (United) provides daily commercial flights between Laramie Regional Airport and Denver, Colorado. The airport, 3 miles (5 km) west of the central business district, is operated and financed by the City of Laramie and Albany County. In addition to commercial flights, the airport serves private and corporate planes and atmospheric research aircraft from the University of Wyoming.

Ground Transportation

Laramie has multiple Taxi companies, as well as Uber service, which launched in 2017. The city is also served by Greyhound Lines, with service to and from Cheyenne and Fort Collins. Greenride of Northern Colorado provides service from Laramie to Fort Collins and Denver International Airport.


The city's drinking water comes from the Big Laramie River, the largest single source, and wellfields in the Casper Aquifer, and it is treated in a modern plant. The city's wastewater plant, which replaced an older plant, began operation in 1998. The Solid Waste Division operates the city-owned landfill, about 1 mile (1.6 km) north of the city. Laramie has 135 miles (217 km) of streets and 31 miles (50 km) of alleys.

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In the Laramie community, there are several facilities that are age-friendly for caregiving such as independent living, nursing homes, assisted living, etc.

Laramie, Wyoming began a county-wide initiative to join the AARP network of Age-Friendly communities in 2018, and is currently (July 2019) conducting its baseline assessment of age-friendliness/livability, with a report due in late September (2019). Preliminary results suggest that older people feel extremely safe in our city, but challenges with transportation remain. In general, the vast majority of survey respondents have reported feeling that Laramie is a good place to age in place. As our initiative continues, we will develop an action plan to address areas of concern that the data indicate. As a resident, and one of the leaders in our initiative, I would say that Laramie is “better than average” for older people, but (as is true of ALL communities) improvements are possible.

College town, good mix of ages, a lot of volunteering
It's a college town but there is a lot of history here and many people and families that have spent there whole lives here. There is so much beauty and great places to explore.
General livability as this town is a prejudice and discrimination town, mainly geared for the college.

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How did Wyoming earn the grade of A+? We examined the state taxes based on how age friendly they are. Wyoming has a state sales tax of 4.00%. Of particular interest is that Wyoming does not have taxes on social security. There are no estate taxes. There are no taxes imposed on inheritance. Wyoming has an effective property tax rate of 0.61%. Weighing these taxes and other taxes most likely to impact the aging population is how Wyoming earned its state tax grade of A+.

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