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The Age Friendly Ventures Corporate Advisory Board provides ongoing business direction as the Company expands its product offerings. The Advisory Board is comprised of thought leaders from the business and academic communities who believe in the vision of the Company and who have a desire to make a difference regarding aging, care and workforce issues. It serves as a vehicle for communication and interaction between the Company and its key constituencies such as members of industry, researchers focused on the aging workforce, clients and the business community at large. In addition to being ambassadors for the Company, the board advises management on strategy, content, research, consulting and other projects.

Hans Gieskes

Hans Gieskes is Chairman of the AXIO Data Group. Gieskes brings a wealth of experience in leading high-profile business-to-business and consumer ventures. Before AXIO, Gieskes was CEO of publicly- traded Cision Group. Gieskes served as the Chairman, CEO and President of Houghton Mifflin Company, a $1.3 billion publishing company. Prior to Houghton Mifflin, Gieskes served as President of Monster, where he was responsible for global operations. During his tenure, Monster’s revenue grew from $100 million to $350 million. In addition, Gieskes has served as the President and CEO of Lexis-Nexis Group, and has worked for the parent company of Lexis-Nexis, Reed Elsevier. He's a Dutch citizen, fluent in four languages and received a B.S. from the Netherlands Institute of Marketing in Amsterdam.

Sherry Lansing

Sherry is the former CEO of Paramount Pictures, and when president of production at 20th Century Fox was the first woman to head a Hollywood studio. Lansing has approached her post-Hollywood life with the same enthusiasm and creativity that characterized her earlier career. "I left Paramount at the ripe young age of sixty," notes Lansing. "A generation ago, that would have been retirement age. But my generation has more energy, more drive, and a greater life expectancy than any group of retirees before us. We are going to be here for two decades or more past 'retirement' age and we want to do something relevant in the so-called third act of our lives."

The Corporate Advisory Board meets with management periodically but does not have legal responsibility for operations. The Company thanks the members of its Board of Advisors who so generously give of their time.

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